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Disinfect makes a difference

Fortunately, there is a future after Covid-19. But it will be a little different than what we used to know. Especially when it concerns large groups of people. Governments take measures, and people want to feel safe again. By using our disinfection solutions you can make sure that life can go back to normal. So that we can work, live and enjoy life together again.

Our Disinfect Solutions

We offer a variety of products (indoor & outdoor)  that can be tailored to your needs. Small or large, everything is possible. Our most most popular unit is our Mobile Misting Unit. With is limited size & flexible design. For more information check our Mobile Misting Unit page Besides our visually attractive solutions we also have a range of more industrial products for for example airports.

On top of that we use a 100% natural biocide that is proven effective against Covid19 to disinfect hands & surfaces.

mobile dry mist engine

Mobile Dry Mist Disinfection Engine

Protect your visitors, clients and staff by using our Mobile Misting Unit technology to create a fully decontaminated environment.


  • We use the mobile Dry Mist Engine (DME) to transforms the disinfection liquid into a dry mist which is spread in the air. Dry mist has no limits so everything that touches the air can be easily disinfected within a very limited timeframe.
  • Main advantages;
    • fast disinfection of large rooms
    • no limits in disinfecting
    • can be used in areas where electronic devices are present
    • sustainable & safe biocide

More information on Mobile Misting Unit 

Our Safe Entry Solutions

Besides our mobile disinfection unit, we offer different types of disinfection units to ensure a safe entry into you location. Disinfect containers for outdoor use, Disinfect Tunnels for indoor use & of course the inevitable Disinfect wall to disinfect your hands.

container disinfect
container disinfect
container zijaanzicht
outdoor container

Expected turnaround time per counter per person:

  • 30 sec PP = 120 PP per hour x 2 per counter = 240PP per hour
  • 2 counters = 4 persons = 480 PP per hour


  • 20ft ((6,06m (l) x 2.44m (b) x 2,59m(h)) container

Outdoor Disinfect Tunnel

This is a container unit with availability for 2, 4 or 8 people at the same time. Passers-by are required to disinfect their hands in this unit.

The design of the unit can be fully adapted to your own desired branding.

The basic unit contains:

  • A slightly sloping ramp, to improve accessibility for everyone.
  • Interior container:
    • 1 or more counters, made of plexiglass, for the crew that has to control and grant access
    • or 3 pannels & storage room (no crew needed)
    • or your own creation of the interior
  • all facilities for lighting / electricity
  • Products (disinfection spray, thermometers …) – Settlement on consumption.
  • An adjustable partition to separate zones.
  • Official inspection by Vinçotte

Indoor Disinfection Tunnel

This Disinfect unit can easily be placed indoors. Our tunnels are experienced as a natural passageway where visitors can disinfect their hands &, if desired, also take a mouth mask, gloves or other disinfection materials. Moreover, the design can be fully adapted to your own desired branding.

Possible options: LEDskin Panels, crowd control, …

Expected turnaround time per tunnel per person:

  • 30 sec PP = 120 PP per hour per lane.

We have entered into a nice partnership with beMatrix to build qualitative Disinfect tunnels worldwide. So all our tunnels are built on the basis of beMatrix panels.

bematrix partner
mini tunnel

Different models available

  • Mini Tunnel
  • Solo Tunnel
  • Double Tunnel
  • Expo Tunnel
  • Custom Tunnel
  • Outdoor Tunnel (Container)
solo tunnel
wall and tunnel
expo tunnel
tunnel disinfect

Disinfection wall

One of our most recent products is a stylish aluminium dispenser. Handled by foot to make sure that you can keep your hands free and clean.

Handsfree dispenser
Avoid contamination thanks to the foot pedal.

Premium Quality & Design
Solid construction in durable aluminium, Made in Belgium.

Universal bottle system
Extensive compatibility with gel bottles
up to 1,5 L.

dispenser foot

Why choose DISINFECT?

Customized solution

Large or small disinfection units to receive your visitors. Completely branded in your own house style.

‘Safe access’ guarantee to your location

Everyone is disinfected and checked for fever before access to the site is granted.

Fast delivery

Basic models are immediately available. Custom units can be built in 14 days.

‘Full service’-package

Besides the construction of the unit, we can also provide the necessary hygiene products and crew.

Always a formula of your choice

Rent or purchase, neutral or according to corporate identity

In line with everyone’s interest, we offer 2 options. The disinfection units can be rented or bought. In addition, they can be provided with additional services, such as a crew and hygienic products. You can also choose from a neutral unit or one with your own design (for example in line with your logo and / or corporate identity).

Because there are so many options, our prices are customised.

But one thing you can be sure of is that these disinfection units are financially a lot more interesting than fully automated units. In addition, they can often be delivered faster. So discover the benefits of this solution right away, which enables you to apply all precautions quickly and efficiently.

Discover how our disinfection containers and mobile disinfection units make the difference. 

Interested? Contact us immediately: info@disinfect.be or by phone +32 3 311 66 86. We are happy to listen to your needs and make a personal offer.

Disinfect can be used for:

Office buildings, Supermarkets, Festivals or events, Schools, Concert halls, Shopping centers, Catering establishments, Shopping streets, Public buildings, Care centers, hospitals, train & busstation, …

More information about DISINFECT?

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you!

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