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Industrial Disinfect Products

Besides our basic disinfection products for everyday use, we offer a range of more industrial machines.

Luggage Disinfection System


We’re currently in “disinfect everything” mode, so while you’re at airport, why not give your suitcase a disinfection? Even when travel gets back to normal, it’s important to know how to disinfect a suitcase— Not only it is unsanitary to continue to use dirty, unsanitized Luggages but in time such use could promote the spreading of disease as micro organisms will multiply and humans have spread germs, microorganisms, illnesses, etc

Think of all the germs and just regular old dirt and grime you pick up your suitcase as you roll it through the streets and subways,

With our Luggage disinfection System you will greatly reduce all these germs,microorganisms etc. to have the luggages sanitized at a more frequent interval, and provide the level of sanitation to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

Cargo Disinfection System

Disinfect produced a new and unique system Pallatized Cargo Disinfection system which is suitable and usefull for the Logistic Companies, Warehouses,Supermarkets ,Airports ,Merchants ports etc..

With this system you can easily disinfect your every cargos comes with pallet and save it from viruses,germs and bacteries before opening it.

You can prevent the possible contamination of all these bacteries and germs and viruses with our Palletized Cargo disinfection system at the delivery points where cargo and palletized loads are delivered.

Disinfection of your cargo is important in preventing to spread of viruses

Shopping Cart Disinfection System

shopping cart

Did you know that shopping carts are among the dirtiest items you will ever be exposed to? Yes, you read that right – and it is even nastier and contains more germs than a public restroom. Sanitizing wipes is often not enough to get the job done. Supermarkets, grocery stores like to provide grocery carts for customer’s convenience. The carts are adapted to hold the customer’s selected purchases. The carts thus contain food, including liquids, which in time are spilled or come in contact with the cart surfaces. Also many customers have small children who are carried in the carts.

Not only it is unsanitary to continue to use dirty, unsanitized carts but in time such use could promote the spreading of disease as micro organisms will multiply where food items have been left and humans have spread germs. It is a good sanitation practice to have the carts cleaned after every use, so a definite need exists for a system, which will sanitize ordinary shopping carts in a short period of time, and in bulk to not interfere with the normal distribution of shopping carts to consumers

Escalator handrail Disinfection System

At the moment, using escalator and walkway handrails causes health problems such as various pathogenic diseases and viruses because it is used by thousands of people. These escalators are widely used in department stores, hotels, subways, airports, etc., because they have a higher transportation capacity (6,000 to 9,000 people / hr, about 10 times higher than elevators) and can move many passengers in a short time. Since it comes in contact with the hands of many passengers, contamination by bacteria is real. For reference, contrary to the general idea that toilet toilets would be more contaminated when looking at handrails and toilet toilets, the results of the investigation showed that more bacteria were detected in the handrails.

Various methods have been devised to solve this problem, and one of the most used methods is a method of allowing the worker to directly clean the handrail by using a detergent and a cloth. However, since this method is performed by hand, the efficiency is inevitably reduced, and the inconspicuous part of the operator is easily overlooked.

Our Escalator handrail aims to contribute to improving the hygienic environment by sterilizing bacteria and viruses, just by simply attaching it to an escalator or walkway handrail.