Mobile MistingUnit

a new way of disinfecting

What is It?

The Mobile Misting unit is a standalone trolley that can easily be moved to disinfect rooms autonomously. It is an industrial high quality RVS unit on wheels, manufactured and assembled in Belgium. The unit includes the following elements: HT-85 Dry Mist Engine, reservoir (12L), pump system and controller. All combined in an aluminium trolley which can be branded in your own design.

Due to it’s mobility & limited size it is a very flexible way to disinfect. On top of that the product that is used in the MMU is safe to use  (certified by the governement). The way of disinfection through dry mist is scientifically proven to be effective against Covid19

mobile dry mist engine
mobile dry mist engine

Where to use the Mobile MistingUnit

The unit is perfectly fit to use in offices, (class)rooms, vacation homes, hotels, enclosed areas, large venues (e.g. concert locations), locations with high footfall (e.g. shoppingcenters), airports, vehicles, and more.

The possibilities are endless, because we use a biological disinfect which is converted into a DRY mist. This means that this solution:

  • does not leave marks on the infrastructure (so can be used around technological devices)
  • can treat everything in the room (no obstruction because it’s spreads through the air)
  • kills 99% of bactaria and virusses (among which Covid19) in the room
  • is effective in a short period of time

How to use the Mobile Misting Unit

Desinfection with the Mobile Misting Unit is very easy.

  • Identify the room you want to disinfect
  • Place the MMU in the room (can be in the middle of the room, but it’s not necessary)
  • Plug the MMU into the power
  • Put on the machine and disinfection will start

The unit will operate autonomous, so you don’t have to take further action during the disinfection.

Which products can be used

This unit is developed to be used in combination with the natural biocide ECA Anolyte. Chemical solutions are absolutely not suited for this sort of unit.

We have two partners who sell products that are approved by Disinfect. These products are proven to be safe to use and are proven effective against several bacteria and virusses (among which Covid19).

Disinfection is only allowed with an ECAS disinfection product. Other products might be harmful/ uneffective or may damage the unit.

Approved and certified products:

For APAC region: ECAS product of ECAS4 (certified by TGA Australia)

For Belgium: ECAS product of PLUSwater (certified by FOD Volksgezondheid)

For cleaning only demineralised water is allowed as unfiltered water may cause internal damage to the unit in time.


How to Install the unit

Our Disinfection Unit consists of 4 main parts that can easily be assembled:

  • a mobile dry mist engine
  • a reservoir for disinfectant
  • a cover to protect the unit
  • 2 tubes to spread the disinfectant

More information about the instruction of the mobile misting unit can be found in our video. Have a look at this video and read the manual before you start using the unit.

Interested in one of our units or can we help you by offering mobile disinfection as a service? 

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